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Brenda Tinania

Indonesia Director (also working at Mandurah Salon and from May 2021 she will be at Onyx Brisbane.)

My name is Brenda,aka Ms.Bee, & I am the Director for Onyx Hair & Beauty Crew, Rockingham (closed for Relocation) and now Onyx Hair Crew, Brisbane (Open May 2021), and founder, CEO of Onyx Hair & Beauty Crew Indonesia.

Why did you want to become a hairdresser

Always loved playing with Hair as a lil girl

What do you love most about ONYX HAIR & BEAUTY CREW?

We're a movement....together...'WE ARE FAMILY'

What do you love most about your job?

Unsure looks that turn into smiles, that turn into happiness, that end up as family

Which product could you not live without?

My Toners, go away yellow, give me 'clean'

What are your strengths when it comes to hair services?

A challenging Service, condition of Hair, taking it from one extreme to the next. Transformation of dull to bright, boofy to sleek, traditional to fashionable.