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Have you ever wanted to style your hair in a particular way, but lacked the required length and thickness to pull it off? Do you dread going to formal or social events due to a seemingly never ending string of bad hair days? Ever wondered if there was an easy way to transform your thin, tired & uninspired hair into a glamorous & sheik new hair style? Thankfully there is a way to achieve a wide variety of fashionable new looks in the comfort of your own home


Tape hair is the latest break through in hair extension attachment. The method has many benefits that have made it a over whelming hit with our Clients

  • Suited for long term wear. ​
  • Invisible - the attachment points are discreet & well hidden
  • Very Comfortable to wear
  • Safe - won't damage your own hair
  • Designed to be reused
  • Made from Real Hair

Tape Hair Extensions are now our fastest selling and most popular hair extension method available from ONYX. They are fast to apply and remove, gentle on all our clients natural hair and most importantly because the hair quality is so high , they are preferred by our clients

At ONYX we have worked tirelessly to help bring you the absolute best and most advanced hair extension application methods in the world as well as the softest, silkiest hair. Our goal is that once you have your tape hair extensions applied, you will forget that you are wearing them.

Almost completely undetectable, ONYX Tape Hair extensions will leave your scalp feeling so smooth that even when someone runs their hand across your head, they will not be able to detect that you have hair extensions attached.

ONYX Tape Hair Extensions come in 10 colours that can be mixed to create amazing micro fine highlights without the need to bleach or apply foils to your hair, althou we can also CUSTOM COLOUR to your desired colour aswell.

ONYX Tape Hair Extensions are at least 22 inches long and made using only the finest Euro grade Remy hair to ensure that the quality of your hair extensions lasts for many months.


  • Ergonomically designed 4cm wide micro tape tabs
  • Super strong tape that will last up to 10 weeks before needing to be refitted
  • FAST ATTACHMENT - only 30 minutes for a full head
  • Can be applied to short hair or fringes
  • Fast and gentle removal: Only 10 minutes for a full head.
  • No messy glues or heavy and uncomfortable metal rings
  • Hair is thick from the tape to the tips with no splits ends
  • 100% Euro grade Remy hair

Lightweight but with a thick full coverage of hair. Once you try ONYX Tape Hair Extensions you will never go back!

Prices below include,

  • Full Head Tape Extensions
  • Custom Colour
  • Applying
  • Blend Cut
  • Beyoncé Curls or Straightening

*Tape Extensions

18 Inch

20 Inch

22 Inch