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Your wedding hair is, for many brides, as important a decision as the dress. The most obvious place to begin: Think about your hair.

At Onyx Hair & Beauty Crew, Our Wedding Crew will make your job easier with your hair style on your special day. Follow these tips to enhance your hair’s best qualities for your bridal style.

Curly Hair

It’s best not to fight what nature gave you. If you have super-curly hair and it’s November, you can flat-iron it straight, but within an hour those curls will come back.

Onyx Weddings Style Tips: Instead of ditching the curls, play them up — and whether it’s summer or winter, look for styling products with humidity-fighting ingredients to help keep frizz at bay. And befriend the bobby pin. Since you want to maintain a touchable curl, well-placed pins let your Onyx Wedding stylist ease up on product.

Oily Hair

If your hair is grease-prone, you might want to think twice about wearing your hair down. Magallones says, “Your hair will get greasier as you dance the night away.” A low-maintenance updo will keep you from touching your hair, which encourages oil production.

Onyx Weddings Style Tips: Keep your roots looking clean and dry all night with a pinch of baby powder — be sure to pat it in until you can’t see any white.

Long Hair

Whether leaving it down or pulling it up, you’ll have plenty of good material to work with. A look we love: an edgy ponytail. It works best with hair that’s shoulder-length or longer and has plenty of layers cut into it.
Onyx Weddings Style Tips: Comfort is key. If you’re wearing a backless dress and want to wear your hair down, your hair could stick to your back. Prevent this with a non-greasy styling gel like Joico Joigel Medium Styling Gel.

Short Hair

Many brides want long hair for the soft, romantic look, but hair that’s chin-length can be more effective for some styles (it’s less heavy so it takes fewer pins and products to keep it up).

Onyx Weddings Style Tips: Short hair can handle precise pin curls really well (think old-Hollywood style), but you’ll need firm-hold hair spray on hand.

Coloured or Chemically Treated Hair

If you chemically straighten or relax your strands, your hair is likely fairly fragile and breakage-prone (same goes for any type of regular treatment; including colouring).

Onyx weddings Style Tips: Choose a style that conceals damaged ends, like a French twist — your stylist can use pomade (again, we like the Fudge one) to increase shine and smooth down your strands.

Natural Hair

Chances are you typically wear your hair in a way that’s both comfortable and flattering. Even if it’s a basic ponytail, your Onyx Wedding hairstylist will assist you create a wedding-worthy version.

Onyx Wedding Style Tips: Be sure to keep the look fitting to your wedding style. If you’re getting married in a ballroom, look for inspiration pics of twists, buns, and other formal updos. If you’re marrying in a casual, backyard celebration, look for slightly less “done” styles like loose half-updos.

Straight Hair

Similar to curly hair, you can’t fight your natural texture — tight curls may fall by the end of the ceremony. Either keep curls big and loose, or go for an updated sleek style like a low bun to one side or bow-like French twist to show off your hair’s fabulously smooth texture.

Onyx Weddings Style Tips: If you want to keep your hair down (without weighing it down) on your wedding day, amp up your natural shine with a product like Smooth Operator, available from any Onyx Salon.

Fine Hair

If your hair is very fine or thin, keep the look simple. “If you choose to wear your hair up, you don’t have to worry about it going limp on you,” says celebrity stylist Duvah Tinania. Go for an updo that’s anything but everyday: Think about adding in twists, loops, baby braids, and hair accessories.

Onyx Weddings Style Tips: Fine hair should be slightly dirty for updos — just-washed hair is too soft to hold pins.

Thick Hair

Show off lush locks with a twisted half updo — braided and twisted styles are more formal than simply wearing your hair down. If you do want to wear it down, plan for extra time at the salon to first straighten your thick hair and then curl for extra control.

Jewellery-friendly Hair

Okay, it’s not a hair type, but if you do have a specific accessory that is an absolute must-wear for you, it should influence your final hairstyle.

Onyx Weddings Style Tips: Think about how you can best show off your accessories — if you have a great necklace, pull your hair up and keep your décolletage bare. Luxe earrings call for a sweeping updo.

Veil Hair

If you want to wear a veil, choose a hairstyle that works with it. For example, you can wear it below a chignon or just above a half-updo.

Onyx Weddings Style Tips: You might even consider keeping a fabulous style under wraps for your ceremony, so it’s even more dazzling at your reception. This is where your Onyx Wedding stylist shows your MOH how to remove your veil without messing your style.

Fashion Forward Hair

Consider your gown. Just like you probably wouldn’t find paper streamers decorating a black-tie reception, so too an ultra-modern faux-hawk would be a bit jarring with a ball gown.

Onyx Wedding Style Tips: A romantic chiffon sheath calls for a loose style, up or down; a sleek knotted updo works with a sexy trumpet silhouette.