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Onyx Wedding Makeup

Whether you’re going for a natural look or for something with a little more oomph, chances are you’ll definitely want to put your best face forward on your wedding day. Your makeup and skin have to look picture perfect — and we’ll show you that “pretty” is pretty easy.

Choosing a Look

When you envision yourself on the big day, what do you see? Something dramatic? Glamorous? Ethereal? Avoid nondescript words like “natural” — that’s a given. Every bride wants to look natural. (Really, you’ll never hear: I want to look like Christina Aguilera on my wedding day!) But beyond expressing your penchant for au naturel, you’ll want to be able to intelligently share style ideas with our ONYX makeup artists.

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The Inspiration

Before you start ripping your favourite pages out of beauty magazines, look at favourite pictures of yourself. Maybe your eyes or your full lips make you stunning — or perhaps you loved the rosy glow in your cheeks that day. Only after you know what it is that you love about yourself can you look to, say, Miranda Kerr for beauty inspiration. Afterward, look at the big picture of the wedding itself. Where you’re marrying and what time of day will affect the beauty specifics: A wedding on a beach might call for a bronze and dewy look; an evening affair always requires more drama against dim lighting. Next, consider your wedding style. (Vintage? City sophisticate?) For example, if your gown and your details evoke a Cinderella-esque style, striking cat-eyes probably aren’t going to work.

Make note of your day-to-day beauty dilemmas, such as mascara on your bottom lashes tends to give you dark circles or lip liner makes your lips dry, and share these concerns with your makeup artist. And don’t be afraid to try something new — as long as you test-drive the look before the wedding with a ONYX WEDDING TRIAL. You may find colours or combinations you are afraid of actually look great on you.