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ONYX WEDDINGS is renowned for offering a professional and personalised approach for brides and their bridal party on their special day. We are an accredited wedding bridal hair & make up business.

 ONYX WEDDING Artists will work one on one with you to create the exact hair and make up look you desire. Our team will sit with you and look at key factors such as skin tone, hair colour and style on the day and the colour and design of the dress to design a make up palette from our aray of makeup range, that will have you looking radiant and perfectly flawless for your special event.

Not only will the ONYX bridal hair stylist and makeup artists make you look stunning, but ONYX Makeup also offers additional services to complement your total look including lashes and air brush application make up. All available upon request.

Feel relaxed in the comfort of your own home or hotel room on your wedding day and let us come to you. ONYX WEDDINGS is a mobile hair and make up company that services all of Western Australia and surrounding areas, but also provides our amazing services all over Australia, from Sydney, to Queensland. ONYX WEDDINGS is also now international, servicing BALI, NEW ZEALAND, SAMOA, FIJI, & CHIINA. 

A key benefit to using ONYX WEDDINGS for your wedding day is that your ONYX WEDDING CREW will stay with you and your bridal party from the church service, to your photos, to your wedding reception to make those all important touch ups throughout the day of your wedding. Our specialists will work with you at your trial, to pick the most important products that will have you looking picture perfect all day long.

Just sit back, relax and let ONYX WEDDINGS and crew work their magic in creating that beautiful hairstyle, and flawless make up for your wedding day.

All trials are held at a Onyx Salon near you.